Do you use natural/organic ingredients?


Yes, exclusively! This is something that certainly sets our candles apart from many others.

  • Our Candles: 100% essential oils, high quality pure natural soy wax, lead free cotton wicks, natural derived colours. No Parabens. No Silicones. No PEGs. No Stabilisers.
  • Our Sprays: 100% essential oils, organic witch hazel and glycerin. Safe to use and safe to smell!
  • Our Teas: organic tea blends without flavours or stabilisers.


Are your ingredients sustainably harvested?


Short answer, yes.

  • Palo Santosustainably harvested in Ecuador: part of the profits goes toward financing the Palo Santo Reforestation Project
  • Sage: sustainably harvested in California by JL Local, part of the profits go toward The Conservation Fund.
    JL Local proudly sources our white sage directly from its natural habitat, in the mountain regions around California.  The plants grow on hundreds of acres of private property where many different plants grow and wild animals roam. " jllocal.com
  • Soy Waxfair traded & sustainably harvested in South America by Cargill 'Cargill has been working to end deforestation related to soy production since 2001. We promote sustainable practices to meet the world’s growing demand for soy.' Cargill.com


How long does it take to ship orders?


Allow up to 5 business days for dispatch of your item (we have to make them!) - however we'll try to lodge your order as fast as possible. Personalised items may take longer, with times stated respective product pages. 


COVID19 delivery delays?


Air carriers and other shipping modalities experience severe suspensions due to the current pandemic. Here are updated shipping times, stated by the particular carrier. Please allow sufficient time for your item to arrive, especially for international transport.

Why is international shipping so pricey?


Most of our products weigh between 0.8 - 1.5kg - and unfortunately shipping costs for that amount can be around $30 - AU$50. We're on the look out for carriers with the most economical solution.


Can I find FullMoonDesign in a brick-and-mortar store?

We don't have a physical store (yet), but you can find us at several markets around the Byron Shire of Aus. These include: Brunswick heads, Byron Artisan, Byron Beachside, Bangalow and The Channon Markets. Follow us on instagram for details on our attendance.

How do I choose a Chakra Kit?


For yourself: The best compass here, is to feel into your inner knowing - and connect with your intuition. Try to shut off mental noise and rather feel into the colours, shapes, form of the crystals, sounds of the names, imaginative smells of the aromas.
What feels good to you? Where do you feel drawn towards the most? What would you really would like to see, when you receive the box and open it for the very first time? Good news is, there's no wrong answer.

For the presentee: Try to feel and see with the eyes, nose and ears of the recipient. What do they need? What would you like to see and smell if you were her/him? What would fill them with gratitude and resonance opening their gift for the very first time?


Who's behind FullMoonDesignCo?


We're a partnership (in both a business and life sense!): Nisha and Florian. This project of ours is the perfect chance for us to share our passion and skills regarding spirituality, ritual and beautifully crafted natural products. We run the whole thing from marketing, product design, our interactions with you, exhibitions, etc.


Where's FullMoonDesignCo located?

We live, love and craft in the magical Byron Hinterlands of NSW, Australia. 


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Find us on Australias first online wholesale marketplace: Trada, which offers Australian based retailers a comfortable portal to purchase our products in larger quantities.

WS Catalogue

Alternatively you can inquire our current Wholesale Catalogue through sending us a message from our contact form. After you've chosen your products we will set you up with an Invoice.