Damaged goods/not satisfied:

If for any reason you find your product is faulty, incorrectly allocated or damaged, please email us using our contact form. We'll work with you to find the most satisfying and fair solution for your needs.

Change of Mind:

Please be aware that we do not accept returns or refunds for incorrect choices or change of mind.


If you cancel your order before we dispatch it, we will give you a store credit to the same amount.


Find our range on the globally leading online wholesale Marketplace FAIRE, which offers their customers many benefits like sign-up credit, free returns, flexible payments terms and more!


Find us on Australias first online wholesale marketplace: Trada, which offers Australian based retailers a comfortable portal to purchase our products in larger quantities.

WS Catalogue

Alternatively you can inquire our current Wholesale Catalogue through sending us a message from our contact form. After you've chosen your products we will set you up with an Invoice.