In-depth Birth Chart Reading
In-depth Birth Chart Reading
In-depth Birth Chart Reading
In-depth Birth Chart Reading
In-depth Birth Chart Reading
In-depth Birth Chart Reading
In-depth Birth Chart Reading
In-depth Birth Chart Reading

In-depth Birth Chart Reading

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Written by Nisha (Evolutionary Astrology student and KnowTheZodiac writer), this DEEPLY personal and comprehensive Astrological Birth Chart Reading is a precious gift of understanding for yourself, or someone special.

The reading includes approximately 25 pages of insights into the personality, psyche, life purpose and ancestral lines of the recipient - based on planetary calculations during their exact moment of birth. We'll send you this printed report on premium paper to cherish forever.

The birth chart also includes a little surprise gift: a crystal that we feel best captures the energy of your chart!

This is for you if...

- You want clarification around your higher life purpose, or reason for being here.

- You're seeking answers to why you encounter the same challenges, relationships, emotions and patterns over and over again.

- You want to know which parts of your personality are inherent versus conditioned. - You're curious about what deeper revelations your zodiac holds.

- You're already on a journey of self development and doing shadow, regression, or inner inner child work.


- We simply need the date, time and city of birth in order to create the reading. (For added privacy, feel free to add a note customising which birth information is printed or not.)

- We also need your email address.

- On the same day of your order, you will be sent a questionnaire form to the email you provided.

- Upon receiving your answers, we'll ship the printed report to your postal address, after 2-3 weeks.

- If this a gift for someone else, provide their birth details and email instead. Let us know and we will send a ‘gift’ email.

NOTE: Date, time and city of birth are required in order to calculate the astrological chart.


- Personalised birth chart reading including the position of the planets, signs and aspects.

- Introduction to evolutionary astrology, listing of your house placements and planetary aspects of your chart.

- Description of relevant planet placements, Chiron, lunar nodes, and a summary of the reading.

If there are any questions about the content or procedure, feel free to reach out :) 

*NOTE: Due to the spiritual nature of this work, please note that there may be occasionally some variability in delivery times, of which you will be made aware!

All of our candles are made with natural cotton/ wood wicks, pure essential oils and pure soy wax. No Parabens, Silicones or PEGs. And the cool thing is... soy wax burns roughly 50% longer than unnatural alternatives!


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