Personalized Astrology Report

Personalized Astrology Report

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This birth chart reading format is for those seeking highly personalized answers or trails of self-enquiry.

It is a wonderful option for those who want an idea of what evolutionary astrology can show you, for those seeking answers on specific topics, or looking to further self-exploration following an in-depth birth chart reading.

This could include topics like:

- Your birth chart (i.e info on specific placements, you lunar nodes, chiron placement and so on).

-  Key dates or opportunities for expansion in 2022

 Repeated behavioural patterns, your psyche and purpose

- Themes of love, relationship, career, partner compatibility, family etc

- Astrological events like Saturn Returns, Chiron Returns, Nodal Returns and so on.



This digital PDF report will contain 12 pages, including:

- An introduction to evolutionary astrology

- Listing of your house placements (using the porphyry system).

Personalised information in response to three of your chosen questions

- Descriptions of any of your relevant planetary placements

- Potential exercises, tips, mantras, or journal prompts to work with provided information. 



- We require the date, time and city of birth, in order to create the reading. (For added privacy, feel free to add a note customizing which birth information is on the document.)

- We also need your email address.

- On the same day of your order, you will be sent a questionnaire form to the email you provided. We'll ask you for three questions - which will become the body of your very unique report!

- Upon receiving your answers, we'll send you your reading within 2-3 weeks.

- If this a gift for someone else, provide their birth details and email instead. Let us know and we will send them a ‘gift’ email, with prompts.


*Nisha is an astrologer at Know The Zodiac. She's also an eternal student of JWG Evolutionary Astrology. Consultations/readings follow this branch of astrology, and the porphyry house system.

**If you're seeking even more information, check out our in-depth reading here.


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