ONUAVA ceramic vessel (Small)
ONUAVA ceramic vessel (Small)
ONUAVA ceramic vessel (Small)
ONUAVA ceramic vessel (Small)
ONUAVA ceramic vessel (Small)
ONUAVA ceramic vessel (Small)

ONUAVA ceramic vessel (Small)

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‘Women have always cradled within their bodies secret mysteries of life, death, and rebirth...’ - Elizabeth Eiler

Hand thrown from reconstituted clay, this dark stoneware vessel draws inspiration from the Korean Moon Jar of the Joseon dynasty (1392–1910).

This name was coined from both the shape and pearl colour’s semblance to the moon.

A slightly uneven natural form was prized during this period, as well as a specific deviation from structural norms. The jar has a wider mouth than its base diameter - causing the illusion of instability... and a sense that the jar is floating on air.


Reflecting the inflation of a balloon, this vessel has been handthrown the traditional Moon Jar way; in two hemispherical halves.

These halves are left to sun dry for hours - before being masterfully joined.

Whole, the vessel is again left to naturally dry for a week, before being bisqued at 1000°C.

Following this process, it is then glazed (with non-toxic feldspathic glaze), before being high fired in a reduction kiln at 1300°C.

Here, the magic happens. In this alchemical process, a skilful deprivation of atmospheric oxygen catalyses a chemical change impossible to preconceive. This is a dance of spontaneity with intention; initiation and surrender.

Left in nature’s hands, when the kiln is opened two days later, it reveals a piece that is truly one of a kind…


Named Onuava after the Celtic fertility earth goddess, this pot evokes remembrance of the feminine aspect of La Luna, as well as the sacred belly of the pregnant mother. It was created by Gabrielle Mogck.

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