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Our intention rests in every element of our creations.

From Nisha's artworks, the tactile texture of the hand-iron-branded lid, the comforting crackling of organic wood wicks, to the translucent label that warms and glows, alongside a dancing flame...


Not just safe to breathe, our candles are aromatherapeutic. All Amavasya candles contain almost a shot glass of essential oils(!). These oils have cleansing properties for mind, body & soul.

Pure essential oil candles are concerningly rare.

Many "natural candle" brands tend to opt for "naturally-derived" fragrances, approximately a tenth of the cost.

We switched to pure ingredients early on our journey, after experiencing headaches from such "natural" fragrances. We were shocked to find (buried) in the fine print, that the majority of formulas are in fact chemically enhanced.

We haven't looked back since.

No silicones, No parabens, No propylene glycol, No ethanolamines, No PEG, No denatured alcohol, No mineral oil, No petrolatum/paraffin wax, No artificial fragrances, No additives, No animal by-products, No animal testing, No GMO's


Our natural wax burns for approximately double the time of most alternatives, and is free of Paraffin's toxic qualities.

We've chosen a supplier who harvests ethically, with a percentage of revenue going towards deforestation efforts.


All labels, boxes and packaging paper come from recycled cardstock.

Our refill wax options mean that your jar can be reused with ease.

All shipping materials (down to tape and label) are biodgradable or recycled.

When you shop small...

  • You create a meaningful difference to maker's lives. You're certainly not an order number to us... you're a valued part of our community of support.
  • You support independent artists following their creative flow. You support diversity and organic cultural representation.
  • You help move our global family away from the concerningly prevalent culture of mass-manufacturing, waste & overseas worker exploitation.
  • You honor art. The use of hands. Mother Earth. Perfect imperfection. Venusian principles. Sustainability. Slowness. Presence. Quality. Care.

Thank you.

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