'The goal... is to match

your nature

with Nature.'

—Joseph Campbell

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Verb/Noun: In Sanskrit, Amā means 'together,' and Vásya means 'to dwell.'

An alternate translation of the word reads 'there is no moon,' or... New Moon.

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the difference

Our candles are 100% natural, handpoured with coconut soy wax and pure essential oils.

Indeed, all Amavasya products are made only with the finest natural and organic ingredients, ethically sourced or created by us.


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On Stillness

Seeking to evoke remembrance of the rich symbolism embedded within the everyday,

our creations invite you into deeper presence.

Venusian gateways,

beckoning you into the quiet, inner space of what is real, what is Nature & reconnecting you with the truth of your wider journey here.

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all natural

Our range is all natural, and handmade by us. We use 100% essential oils and pure coconut soy wax. No artificial or nature-identical fragrances, pollutants or additives.


$1 of every purchase goes to our annually nominated charity. Portions of revenue go to carbon removal companies to counter all our shipping emissions.

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